Bourse Seneca

Seneca Scholarship: Programmes and requirements

The Seneca scholarship is one of the most important in Spain, because it allows students to complete their studies in other universities in Spain. Therefore, here we will explain everything you need to … Read more

modèles d'étude

5 study templates for your exams

As students we are constantly faced with an avalanche of information, and if we add to this the upcoming exam dates, our memory can be short, making it useful and helpful to have … Read more

Books for students

Books for students: 5 recommendations

It is no secret that reading is one of the best habits that human beings can have nowadays, normally, during the school stage it helps us to enhance both personal and professional growth. … Read more

taking notes

Taking notes: 5 tips and recommendations

In order to study, it is not only enough to have a good memory or good retention, but it is also of vital importance taking notes in class. This also implies being attentive … Read more