5 essential materials for your studies

Learning how to organise your studies is a difficult task. Especially if you are just starting out in your adult life and have to start a university degree. So, as we know how difficult it can be to organise and prepare for this new stage in your life, here are 5 essential materials for your studies.

With all the challenges this entails, we have always recommended that you organise yourself well before taking on any personal commitments.

Different coloured markers

Firstly, and with a view to the fact that from a certain point onwards you will be constantly summarising, we recommend that you buy a good range of different coloured highlighters.

This type of material, used to highlight information in a textbook, is really important. They can help you to better structure your notes and better distinguish the stages of your analysis. In short, they can make your study time much more manageable and efficient, compared to when you don’t use them to organise yourself.

So, don’t hesitate to buy the highlighters you see around, it is essential for you to optimise your study time. They become one of the essential materials for your studies.

Sticky notes

Sticky notes are another essential material. These are small pieces of paper cut out in the shape of a square on which you can write down anything your essay or assignment requires. This makes them an essential item to start managing your to-do list effectively and get organised.

If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that this element will help you to organise your time and keep track of your activities in an accurate way. You will be able to carry out the tasks that are entrusted to you and keep up to date with the issues to be settled without any problem. Being a reminder of an evaluation you have to take or to present an important work.

So, in any case, we strongly recommend that you start using sticky notes. This way, you will always have the most important data at hand in your day to day life.

Filing cabinets

It is one of the most important tools in the organisation of offices worldwide. It also allows for efficient organisation of everything you need to keep on hand. Those big file cabinets, in which one after another folder with important information is incorporated, can be a good acquisition for your time as a student.

And yes, we know that this element is a bit complicated to keep in your room or personal space. But if you can have them at hand they are a great help.

Besides, you also have many handmade alternatives to create your own homemade filing cabinets on a smaller scale.

Without a doubt, this tool is a great way to improve your organisation, so you should think about implementing it from now on.


You can’t overlook this as it is one of the essential materials for your studies. A good organisation, at the level of your calendar, is one of the most important things in your day to day life as a student.

Exams, evaluations, important dates, lectures. There are many things to write down, so always have your personal and study diary at hand. With it, you will be able to properly establish when and where to do what.

So, get a good diary for the year as soon as possible and write down important dates for your class schedule and your life as a student. This can anticipate any situation you may have to deal with at any given time, or else save your higher education.


Back to a basic organisational element. Like sticky notes, labels will allow you to establish a kind of basic and effective control of all your to-dos and to-do’s. Only with this you will be able to execute your tasks properly. Only with this you will be able to execute the tasks properly and quickly distinguish to which group each issue you are in charge of belongs.

In short, there are many things you should have at hand, and many materials that can be quite useful for your higher studies. So, by the time you have to start your higher studies, you may find it very useful to use these kinds of materials, so don’t hesitate to start using them.

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