Can you have a pet in a university residence?

University life is full of challenges. Whether it’s the academic workload, the long hours in the mornings, afternoons and evenings, dealing with professors or the student body in general. All this makes for a mental overload so heavy that for many of us as students it becomes overwhelming. To alleviate this burden, some try to connect with extracurricular activities. Others simply want to have a companion in their everyday life, such as a dog or a cat. So they want to know if they can have a pet in a university residence.

In spite of this, having a pet in a university residence becomes somewhat impossible to achieve. Not all institutional centres accept the accommodation of pets within their facilities.v

This is due to the existence of protocols that prohibit students, and possible new entrants, from bringing their pets to the educational centre.

It should be noted that each university has its own reasons, for example: hygiene regulations, safety issues, among others.

In this opportunity, we will answer some of the questions most frequently asked by students regarding whether you can have a pet in a university residence hall or whether there are any residence halls that accept pets in Spain.

Are there any residences that accept pets in Spain?

In spite of the fact that, normally, they do not accept pets inside the student residence hall or on the university campus, there are some universities that have a fairly favourable pet policy. Among these, we can mention the following.

Campus Málaga Residence Hall: It is located in the south of the capital of the Costa del Sol, next to the Teatinos Campus of the UMA. It has all the services and 24-hour reception and security. It also accepts pets with no weight or cost limit.
Residencia Universitaria Atilano Coco – Salamanca: It is a hostel located near the Plaza Mayor, with restaurants, meeting room and dry cleaning services, laundry and a library. This residence accepts pets without additional cost up to 8 kg, with certain restrictions. To find out more, we recommend that you contact the centre.
Why are pets not accepted?

First of all, university residences usually do not accept pets not because of cruelty, but because of concerns about safety or hygiene regulations. This is because most students tend not to take responsibility for the actions of their pets. This can lead to constant disagreements among the population residing in the institution.

Can visually impaired people have a pet in a university residence?

If you have a visual impairment that makes it impossible for you to maintain a lifestyle that is within normal parameters, university residences have special policies to deal with this kind of problem. Due to the imperative need to have your guide/companion to support you in your day to day life.

In this way, we recommend you to keep in touch with the residence in order to know their protocols and identify the procedure and/or documents necessary to admit your guide pet.

On the other hand, these special policies are not only aimed at visually impaired people, but also at those with hearing difficulties, and those who need accompaniment on the recommendation of therapists, psychologists or psychiatrists.

Living with others

Some of the reasons for not being able to keep your pet, whether on campus or in university residences, is due to the animal’s continuous coexistence with other people. That is, the likelihood of encountering people who dislike animals regardless of their breed. This can lead to constant stress for both the residence community and the pet.

In order not to be inconvenienced, the caretakers of some residences choose to keep pets out of their homes.


In the case of hygiene protocol, student residences prefer to prohibit the entry and stay of pets. In order to protect their facilities and green areas. It is common to come across personalities who do not attend to the needs of their pets in a responsible manner. As well as not taking care to clean up the waste left by their pets.

In the same way, the residences are obliged to maintain a neat hygiene regulations in all their facilities. In order not to be fined by the competent authorities.

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