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Badalona is a perfect city to study due to its proximity to Barcelona and large universities such as the Pompeu Fabra University or the University of Barcelona. In addition, it has a very wide and varied offer of university residences. The center of Badalona is surrounded by neighborhoods full of life and young people, such as the Creu Alta neighborhood or the Sant Roc neighborhood. These neighborhoods are characterized by being very lively and with a lot of leisure options, with shops, bars and restaurants that will make you enjoy your stay to the fullest. Badalona also has a large marina so, if you like water sports, here you have the opportunity to practice it. In addition, Badalona is very well connected to Barcelona thanks to its public transport network, so you can easily move from one city to the other. Without a doubt, Badalona is a perfect city for those looking for a quiet city but at the same time full of life and with a great cultural and leisure offer.

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