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Bilbao is a modern and vibrant city located in the north of Spain, surrounded by mountains and impressive landscapes. Its university is the most important in the region and has a wide range of studies in both the scientific and humanistic fields. The city's neighborhoods are full of life and offer options for all tastes. From the multicultural neighborhood of San Francisco, to the modern area of Abando, where the most exclusive shops in the city are concentrated. Gastronomy also plays an important role in Bilbao, with typical dishes such as marmitako or cod pil pil. In addition, in the city you can enjoy a lively nightlife, with a large number of bars and pubs both in the old town and in areas such as Indautxu. Bilbao also stands out for its cultural offer, with renowned museums such as the Guggenheim or the Museum of Fine Arts. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the city's parks and green spaces, such as the famous Doña Casilda Park or Etxebarria Park, perfect for relaxing and doing sports in the open air.

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