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Living in a Hall of Residence is the best way to live university life to the full. The Alcor Residence Hall is a University Residence attached to the Complutense University of Madrid.

If you want, living with people from the most varied university degrees and contact with numerous professionals from different areas of knowledge, will bring you enormous cultural and personal baggage, which will enrich your curriculum and your life.

What does this property have?

Swimming pool
Dining room
Study areas

Room types

Habitaciones individuales

No kitchen, private bathroom

From 1265 €/month


10 over 10 (3 reseñas)

Pedro Merino


Precioso!!! Si empezara una carrera universitaria en Madrid,iría a este colegio sin dudarlo. Perfecto, instalaciones, servicios, atención, uview more
Mariano Martínez


Un centro ejemplar. Buen trato a los internos. Buena información y ubicado junto a la Ciudad universitaria y a la zona de Moncloa. Recomendaview more
Sonsoles Ferrer


Para mí supuso una experiencia inolvidable en mis años universitarios. Ambiente familiar, atención a la persona, formación cristiana, nivel view more

Where is it?

Calle del Gral. Ampudia, 7, 28003 Madrid, España

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