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The Porto Alto student residence is located near Marquês, at the highest point of the city of Porto, on the periphery of the traditional city center. It is surrounded by shops and service points and has two metro stations and several bus stops within a 5-minute walk, which makes it quite easy to go anywhere in the city by public transport. The "Baixa" is a 10-minute walk and 6 minutes by metro, while the Asprela university campus is 6 minutes from the Marquês metro station.

What does this property have?

Dining room
Study areas
TV room

Room types

Apartamento de un domitorio

Private kitchen, private bathroom

From 600 €/month

Apartamento de dos domitorios

Shared kitchen, shared bathroom

From 800 €/month


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Where is it?

R. João de Oliveira Ramos 65, 4000-123 Porto, Portugal

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