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Residencia Universitaria o Colegio Mayor

Ubicación ES Reseñas
Residencia para estudiantes universitarios en pleno centro de la ciudad y cerca del campus.

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Barcelona72 accommodations
Madrid135 accommodations
Vitoria4 accommodations
Salamanca33 accommodations
Valencia24 accommodations
Sevilla32 accommodations
Zaragoza10 accommodations
Málaga17 accommodations
Murcia7 accommodations
Palma4 accommodations
Gran Canaria5 accommodations
Bilbao14 accommodations
Vigo7 accommodations
Pamplona21 accommodations
Donostia11 accommodations
Tarragona2 accommodations
Granada41 accommodations
La Coruña6 accommodations
Valladolid15 accommodations
León10 accommodations
Cáceres9 accommodations
Mondragon0 accommodations
Arrasate0 accommodations
Toledo8 accommodations
Alicante8 accommodations