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Welcome to Odalys Campus Porto Granjo Centro, the perfect student residence in the heart of the charming city of Porto, Portugal! Our residence is in a quiet neighborhood and is conveniently located just a 15-minute walk from the city center, where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating mix of modern and ancient architecture that characterizes this vibrant city.

Here you will find a modern and cozy atmosphere, designed to offer you a unique experience. Our common spaces are designed to encourage interaction between students and create a friendly and welcoming environment. In addition, our beautiful garden of 2000 m² will enchant you.

With a variety of services included in the rental price, at Odalys Campus Porto Granjo Centro you will have everything you need to enjoy an exceptional student life. Join our student community and discover a place where you can study, socialize and create unforgettable memories. We invite you to be part of our exciting experience at Odalys Porto Grajo Centro!

What does this property have?

Study areas

Room types

https://d3kq33r9tyqtji.cloudfront.net/cli1fftdc0655rk33lfhm7myq_1684922691368_1 - Estúdio.jpg

Estudio Máster

Private kitchen, private bathroom

From 645 €/month

https://d3kq33r9tyqtji.cloudfront.net/cli1fxcd6066trk339kukpp0q_1684916821421_Estúdio Standard Superior.jpg
https://d3kq33r9tyqtji.cloudfront.net/cli1fxcd6066trk339kukpp0q_1684916825960_Kitchenette Estúdio Superior.jpg
https://d3kq33r9tyqtji.cloudfront.net/cli1fxcd6066trk339kukpp0q_1684916824262_EstúdioStandard Superior_2.jpg
https://d3kq33r9tyqtji.cloudfront.net/cli1fxcd6066trk339kukpp0q_1684916815136_1 - Estudio Standard Superior_1.jpg

Estudio Máster Superior

Private kitchen, private bathroom

From 995 €/month

https://d3kq33r9tyqtji.cloudfront.net/cli1f8gyq063rrk33apn18y7a_1684915613477_1 - Estudio Standard Superior_1.jpg
https://d3kq33r9tyqtji.cloudfront.net/cli1f8gyq063rrk33apn18y7a_1684915619026_Estúdio Standard Superior.jpg
https://d3kq33r9tyqtji.cloudfront.net/cli1f8gyq063rrk33apn18y7a_1684915621822_EstúdioStandard Superior_2.jpg
https://d3kq33r9tyqtji.cloudfront.net/cli1f8gyq063rrk33apn18y7a_1684915623385_Kitchenette Estúdio Superior.jpg

Estudio Standard Superior

Private kitchen, private bathroom

From 935 €/month

https://d3kq33r9tyqtji.cloudfront.net/cli0gr3w905ztrk335ckq1v2c_1684857697822_1 - Estúdio Deluxe.jpg
https://d3kq33r9tyqtji.cloudfront.net/cli0gr3w905ztrk335ckq1v2c_1684857693023_1 - Estúdio Deluxe_2.jpg
https://d3kq33r9tyqtji.cloudfront.net/cli0gr3w905ztrk335ckq1v2c_1684857700353_Estúdio Deluxe_2.jpg

Estudio Deluxe

Private kitchen, private bathroom

From 705 €/month


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Rua De António Granjo 142, Oporto, Distrito de Oporto, Portugal

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